What to consider when buying a computer.

There are some things that are more important than others when deciding on the right computer for you. Here are some of the most important considerations.


There’s no point in paying for a computer that has specifications that you don’t really need, i.e. if you are not interested in gaming then a fast and expensive computer with gamers in mind is not the one to purchase. However, you don’t want to be buying a cheap computer to save money, but then discover that it’s too slow and unreliable for the tasks you want to use it for. Determine what is the most you can afford to pay, and then look at what the different computers offer within your preferred price range.


For anyone buying a computer for the first time usability is very important indeed. If you want to use a computer mainly for surfing the net, social media, and to send emails, then you won’t need a sophisticated computer – and one that can prove more difficult to get to grips with. For any computer newbie less is typically better. A computer that comes loaded with different programs can just result in the inexperienced computer user feeling overwhelmed.


It’s important to be able to use your computer in a comfortable environment. Consequently, this can dictate the size of the computer you purchase, notably the size of the screen. Existing peripheral devices you have, such as printers and scanners, can lead to a cramped working environment – if you aren’t careful about the size of the computer that you buy. If you really need a large screen, then you should, if necessary, either try and increase the size of your working area, or, for instance, consider replacing your current printer with a smaller one.

Software Packages

Most computers will include software packages, and just how good some of these packages are can sway a decision when it comes to buying a computer. Graphics software packages can appeal to creative types, while office and DTP software can be persuasive for anyone involved in small business. It’s also an idea to weigh up the merits of the anti-virus programs that come with your computer, too.