Best ultra portable laptop

An ultra-portable laptop is one you can easily carry around. This means it is not too heavy, is not bulky, and means it can withstand a few knocks and scrapes. Ideally, it should have a battery that will not die after four or five hours, and yet still have enough processing power and memory so that the owner may enjoy a reasonably good user experience.thin laptop

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

It is a very thin and very well built laptop with a sleek and highly engineered designed. It was built primarily for business use, and is quite expensive if you are just looking for a way to surf the Internet whilst you are out and about. Its processing power is worthy of note and it is far faster in use than its specs may have you believe.

Dell XPS 13

This is an “ultra-thin” laptop with a 13-inch screen. The 2015 model has a 13.3-inch screen that uses far less power than the average laptop. It has plenty of processing power, and is not too heavy. Despite its lower power usage, it will still run flat after six to eight hours of continuous use.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

It is impressive but pricy. It is a very powerful when you consider its small size and durable nature. They have crammed a lot of technology into a very small ultra-portable laptop. Despite the fact it looks like a netbook, it is as powerful as an average laptop, but is fairly expensive.

Asus ZenBook UX305

It is thin, light, and a little more durable than its thin and light competition. It has a 1080p display and great battery life. The hard drive is worthy of note, and the price is half that of other machines. The only downside is that its processing power has been scaled back a bit.

Acer Aspire S7

With electroluminescent lighting and the Aspire S7’s aluminium and Gorilla Glass frame, it is a durable and very good-looking laptop. It has premium specs, is very light, has plenty of processing power and a reasonably good battery life for everything except intensive gaming. However, it is the most expensive machine of all the laptops mentioned in this article.