Great Gizmos for the Car

Gadgets and Gizmos have always been a part of marketing new cars to consumers, but in this modern day and age, they are all the more important for car manufacturers looking to gain a slice of market share.

young woman in a car

From Global Positioning Systems, to hands-free Bluetooth devices, technology in our cars is becoming ubiquitous and almost as important as the car itself. Despite their standardization in most cars, there is a huge array of gadgets sold by third-party companies to satisfy the technological appetite of the modern driver.


For the directionally-challenged, a wide range of GPS devices are available to keep track of where you are and where you are going, eliminating the need for a map.
And for the smart phone aficionado, a hands-free solution is a must! Bluetooth devices make communication while driving easier than ever. Add in a Gecko Grip Cling-On Sticky Pad and you’ll have an easy way to place your phone where you want for easy access.

Recording your road trip

Keeping a record of the road trip with a video recorder is getting easier as these devices fall in price. Dash Cam Video Recorders capture all the action on the road in front of you and some of them can record video and audio inside and outside your car, all the while keeping track of speed, location, time and direction.

Safety first

Besides making driving more convenient, technology has also improved safety and security for those long trips. Jump-starters, Flashlights and Chargers are just some of the gadgets and gizmos available to give you peace of mind, helping you arrive at your destination safely.